Fuji Rock Experience Part 1

Before Fuji Rock

-“We’re off like a heard of turtles”

-Trials and tribulations of the Japanese subway

-What took me 4 years to go to Fuji Rock?

-My expectations


-Traveling alone

Kyoto Jazz Sextet – Live from Fuji Rock

Morning of Day 2

-First impressions

-Non-stop rain!

-Whoops, I meant the “Electric Feel” video

-Tip #1

-Camping woes

-Tip #2

-35 DEGREE incline!

Day 3

-Music so far

-What’s the crowd like at Fuji Rock?

-Mini fold out chairs

-Tip #3


-Tip #4

Next time on Japan 2.0…

Song of the show – PSG – “ 寝れない!!!”

New listener made intro

-The Wild Factor  “I Dream Japan”

-By his new album “Wild Days” or contact him at:


@therealwildfactor on Twitter and Instagram

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