High Tension – Dealing with Stress in Japan

“High Tension”, a Japanese phrase that refers to stresses and pressures of Japanese life. In this episode of Japan 2.0, David and Matt talk about how they have deal with stress in their daily lives, in the aftermath of natural disasters, and from the pressures of work/school.

More information available at https://japan2point0.wordpress.com/


Doki Doki Radio: Japanese Super Hero Funk

Doki Doki Radio: Japanese Super Hero Funk

In this episode of Doki Doki Radio, the Uni-Tablist is back with an all vinyl mix of funky Japanese super hero themes from the 60s and 70s.

Tracks include theme songs from Spider-Man, Gatchaman, Robot Keiji K, Mazinger Z, Kamen Rider X, and more!

Thanks for listening!