Japanese Summer – Podcast

We talk about the defining aspects of Japanese summers Weather and humidity Cicadas! Matsuri Yukata Folding fans “Japan 2.Hacks!” How to…

Fuji Rock Experience – Part 2

The aftermath of my first trip to Fuji Rock! Crowds and audience Sound quality Scheduling woes Different stages Toilet situation…

Doki Doki Radio: Women of Japanese Rap

The Japanese music scene has seen an insurgence of female rappers in the last few years. From verses on idol…

How Japan Has Changed Us Podcast

Japan has changed us in unpredicted ways. Listen to the show to find out how.


High prices

New food and expectations


Active lifestyle

Not consuming Japanese media in Japan

Maxin’ and relaxin’

“Know Your Chain” – Beard Papa


Finding what’s next

Song of the Show – Enjoy Music Club – “ソング

Intro – Unitablist “Tell Me Where You Want to Go”

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