Ideology Through Games – The Katamari Damacy Podcast

On this episode of Japan 2.0, David and Matt are once again joined by Emily, and the three of them discuss one of their favorite video game series, Katamari Damacy. With the release of OST on vinyl and the forthcoming rerelease of the game on Nintendo Switch and PC, Katamari has been on their minds as of late. They discuss how the game portrays the weird and comical aspects of Japanese daily life, the usage of cute/ugly art, and share their favorite songs from the amazing Katamari soundtrack.


Doki Doki Radio – Korean Hip-Hop and Ya Don’t Stop!

This bonus episode of Doki Doki Radio is a mixtape that the Uni-Tablist crated for David and Matt’s now defunct South Korean subculture podcast “Two Crude Mandudes”.

Doki Doki Radio: Japanese Super Hero Funk

Doki Doki Radio: Japanese Super Hero Funk

In this episode of Doki Doki Radio, the Uni-Tablist is back with an all vinyl mix of funky Japanese super hero themes from the 60s and 70s.

Tracks include theme songs from Spider-Man, Gatchaman, Robot Keiji K, Mazinger Z, Kamen Rider X, and more!

Thanks for listening!

Doki Doki Radio: Women of Japanese Rap

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Doki Doki Radio – Under 2:00 (Shibuya-kei)

The Uni-Tablist is back! This time he’s brought an all vinyl shibuya-kei mix comprised of songs, intros, interludes, and outros … More