Osaka vs. Tokyo Podcast

The age old question is pondered: Osaka or Tokyo? We are still on our mini-episodes, but get ready for our return to our more conceptual shows this summer.

rivalry between the two big cultural hubs of Japan

Underdog spirit in Kansai/Osaka

Are rockabillies dead?

New York/L.A. analogy

Listen to our previous Nishinari episode if you want to hear about the rougher side of Osaka

Risk takers in Tokyo

Why don’t a lot of Western franchises come to Osaka!?

-Right after we recorded this, Shake Shack announced they are opening in Osaka 🙂

“Disrupting Japan” podcast
Japan is slow to adopt Western ideas/businesses, good or bad?

Tokyo, the land sub-cultures, collaborations, and niche shops
-Kapital clothing in Ebisu
-“The Parking Ginza”

Tokyo – the land of opportunity
Does English make a difference?
What Osaka has that Tokyo doesn’t
Celebrities in public
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