Onsen (Bathing Culture) Podcast

Big updates and where we’ve been

The future of Japan 2.0

Thyroid update

Future episode preview

Podcasting schedule until summer

Our backgrounds with public bathing

Why you should try an onsen

Ren Onsen – Kobe

Checking in and getting ready

Protip – skip a shower in the morning since you have to take one there

Showering before the baths

Benefits from bathing and variations of the baths

“Know your Chain” – Nitori

The best kind of onsen – outdoor onsen!

BYOT – Bring your own towel

Food options

Song of the Show –

Japan 2.0 Intro  – “I Dream Japan” – The Wild Factor

-Bandcamp – https://thewildfactor.bandcamp.com/

-Instagram – @therealwildfactor

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