Japanese Vending Machines

When you come to Japan you’ll find that vending machines are everywhere! They are on every corner, in front of every apartment, there may be one behind you right now! In this episode of the Japan 2.0 podcast David and Matt talk about all the things that they have found in vending machines and it’s a lot more than just drinks and potato chips! Come with the Japan 2.0 crew as they explore the strange and wonderful world of Japanese vending machines! Check below for a gallery of some of our favorite vending machines:

– Vending machine basics

– Pungency

– Soft serve ice cream drink

– Life Guard

– Corn soup

– Can you win a free drink?

– Alcohol vending machine

– Ponzu sauce in the machine

– Hi-tech machines

– Wacky vending machines

– Ramen machines

– Panty machines

– Fresh apple machine

– Family Mart machines

– Ice cream machines

– Tommy Lee Jones


Segment of the Show – Drink of the Show: Beard Papa’s Fresh and Natural Cream Puff

Song of the Show – Mika Loubte

Intro – “I Dream Japan” – The Wild Factor

Bandcamp – https://thewildfactor.bandcamp.com/

Instagram – @therealwildfactor

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