How We Cheat at Life in Japan Podcast

New listener made intro

-The Wild Factor  “I Dream Japan”

-Buy his new album “Wild Days” or contact him at:

@therealwildfactor on Twitter and Instagram

Look out for the companion podcast to this episode, “Gripes with Japan”, in a few weeks

The importance of perspective

Why Japanese fashion is more freeing for men than women

Choosing to spend time in liberal, cosmopolitan areas

Meeting traveled or “artistic” friends

Not working for a Japanese company

“Snack of the Show”

-Salty Suica Chu-hi

Benefits of not speaking Japanese

Foreigner card

Peach (momo) chu-hi tasting

Song of the show – Zombie Chang – “Weekend”


Find Japan 2.0 on:

iTunes –

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter – @Japan2point0

Lute Channel (great source for new Japanese music)



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