Doki Doki Radio: Shibuya Does The 80’s


Doki_Doki_Radio_Revolta_Poster_BackIn this episode of the Doki Doki Radio show, the Uni-Tablist digs through his collection of Shibuya-kei vinyl to bring you a mix of Japanese artists covering your favorite 80’s songs. The mix includes covers of George Michael, A-ha, Hall & Oats, and more! It’s all the songs you grew up on with a Japanese twist. Natsukashii!   

Be sure to subscribe to the Japan 2.0 podcast where you’ll find this mix and all previous episodes of the Doki Doki Radio show.


1: Faith – Revolta

2: 99 Luftballoons – Our Hour

3: Tide Is High – Akakage

4: Private Eyes – Towa Tei

5: Take On Me – Mansfield

6: Video Killed The Radio Star – Yes, Mama Ok?


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