Museums and Galleries in Japan

Museums and Galleries    

– Is Japan a good place for artists?

– Small galleries are everywhere

– The Guggenheim House (Kobe)

– Car exhibition

– Yaki-imo song

– The cars at the exhibition

– Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

– Yoshitaka Amano exhibit

– Naruto exhibit

– No photos in the galleries in museums

– Kobe fashion museum (Kobe)

– Boro clothing exhibit

– Taro Okomoto’s House (Tokyo)

– Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art (Osaka)

– Student Gallery while walking around Osaka

– International Manga Museum (Kyoto)    

– Golden Bat

– Studio Gibli Museum (Tokyo)

– All the rest of the galleries


Segment of the Show – Favorite Thing About Japan: Stamp collecting.

Song of the Show – Kuro Kuro Bonito “Flamingo”

Intro – Unitablist “Tell Me Where You Want to Go”

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