Doki Doki Radio – Under 2:00 (Shibuya-kei)


The Uni-Tablist is back! This time he’s brought an all vinyl shibuya-kei mix comprised of songs, intros, interludes, and outros that are each under 2 minutes in length. It’s the perfect listening experience for folks with short attention spans. The inspiration for this mix was partly inspired by Radio MXUT’s mix “Under 30”, for which the title of this mix is paying homage to.

Click Here to Download


FPM- Theme of Luxury

Akakage -I Love Pop Music (Outro Edit)

Pizzicato Five – I

Takako Minekawa – Fun9

Yukari Fresh – Short Sabotage

Sweet Robots Against the Machine- Lotus Snack and Thinking Machine

Cornelius – 1969 (Case of Monsieur Kamayatsu)

Losfeld – Trouble Funk

Citrus – Colo Colo Meets the Stripes

Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her – 8

El-Malo – Time Warp

Zoobombs – 1-2-3

Halfby – Shout to the BPM

Hot Hip Trampoline School – Batman

Fuzita Blender – Holiday Finale (Thank You America)


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