Theme Cafes in Japan

 We dig themed cafes, and Japan has a ton of them. Join David and Matt as they discuss the types of specialized cafes that you can visit when you come to Japan. Be sure to stick around till the last segment, where they share their top cafes with the Japan 2.0 community.

– A bad date at the Rainforest Cafe

– The types of themed cafes you can find in Japan

– Pop up cafes

– Who goes to these cafes? Fanatics?

– Japan 2.0 Hacks : Google Translate

– The Lock Up (Prison Bar)

– Robot Bar (Tokyo)

– Luita’s Bar (Tokyo)

– Kawaii Monster Cafe (Harajuku)        

– Should theme cafes exist?

Song of the Show – Small Circle of Friends – “Le Theme de Blue Cafe pt.2”

Intro – Unitablist “Tell Me Where You Want to Go”

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