Doki Doki Radio Live Vol. 1 – Shibuya Kei

Doki Doki Radio Live Vol.1: Shibuya Kei

In this special episode of the Japan 2.0 podcast, David and Matt get behind the decks and spin some of their favorite Shibuya Kei from their vinyl collections. Between their sets they talk about their history with the genre, why Shibuya Kei compilations are worth picking up, colored vinyl, and much more. Because this episode was recorded live, it has a few audio hiccups during the talking segments, but, if you are interested in learning more about the Shibuya Kei genre or are curious to hear some of David’s and Matt’s favorite songs, then this is an episode that can’t be missed.


  1. Know Your Chicken – Cibo Matto
  2. Windbreaker – Kaseki Cider
  3. Raise Your Hands – Cornelius
  4. 夜明け前- Tokyo No.1 Soul Set
  5. Anyway the Wind Blows – Ultra Beaver and Olive
  6. Girly Pop – Pop Tarts
  7. Rhythm Waves – Citrus
  8. Ultra Mustache – Qypthone
  9. Fantastic Cat – Takako Minekawa
  10. Socks, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll – Buffalo Daughter
  11. Icecream Meltin’ Mellow (Marin Mix 2) – Pizzicato Five
  12. Flower Power – Orchids
  13. I Heart FPM (Konishi Yasuharu Remix): Fantastic Plastic Machine

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