Osaka: Nishinari

Osaka: Nishinari

-Nishinari and Hanozonocho

-How we came to learn about Nishinari

-The most dangerous neighborhood in Japan?

-Ghettos in Japan

-David’s stay in a Hanazonocho tree house

-Matt gets mad dogged in Nishinari   


-Hanzanocho celebrities

-Nishinari landmaks

-Red-light district

-Riots in Nishinari

-The future of Nishinari and Hanozonocho   

Segment: Japan Myths – Winning at the soft drink  vending machines

Songs of the Show – Shingo Nishinari – “Osaka Up”

& “Tobita Shinchi”

Intro – Uni-Tablist -“Tell Me Where You Want to Go”

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