New Anime/Manga -“Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro”

It’s not often that I come across a new anime/manga series that I like, but when I do, I become obsessed. Point in case, Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro.

A few months ago, I walked off the elevator at LOFT in Shibuya and was greeted with old school beats and raps on a 40 second loop. Shocked that I wasn’t hearing mundane J-pop, I rushed excitedly to see where the funky breaks were coming from. Low and behold, there was a small corner of the department store set up with merchandise for what I would soon find out to be the best anime in quite some time. While the drawings/animation are childishly simple, the show captures the vibrant side of Shibuya rarely touched upon since the 90s. The basic idea of the story is about a kid who has to balance his day job as a tonkatsu chef with his secret passion for DJing. Even if you don’t normally like anime, I strongly recommend checking out the English episodes on Youtube!


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