Japanese Food – Podcast

Japanese food is famous, but how many Japanese dishes can you name? (Or were you able to name before visiting)

(All links can be found at the end)

Cliche Japanese food:

Sushi all the time…


-Awesome ramen movie – Tanpopo


Western Japanese Food (Yoshoku):



History of Yoshoku: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yōshoku

Kaiseki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiseki

Home cooked meals


“280 Franchise” = Torikizoku

Izakaya fare

Types of ramen

-Wakayama’s Shoyu


Fishy myth

Overall quality

-Hmm Que Rico – our friends’ restaurant in Osaka

“Japan 2.Myths”

-Japanese food is healthy, right?

Tangent! – “Japan2.Extensential Crisis”

-Consumerism in Japan

Gourmet food

Best meal in Japan

-Hatos – Tokyo ribs

-Mmm Que Rico – see quality section

Song of the show: MC Gohan – “Shiraae”

Intro – Unitablist “Tell Me Where You Want to Go”


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