Japanese Craft Beer


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Japanese craft beer taste test:

Minoh’s Billiken Beer (Weizen) tasting


-Our favorite Japanese craft beer, Hitachino

Our history with craft beer

Yo-ho’s Aooni beer (IPA) tasting

-A brief history on IPAs

-Yona Yona Ale comparasion

Craft beer scene in Japan compared to other countires (Korea)

Variance in Japanse markets and conbini

Grand Kirin

Yo-ho’s Tokyo Porter tasting

Seasonal beers

OCAT Yamaya

Kansai breweries and bars

Tom’s cheeky beer story – “Darn it, Dad”

Captian Crow tasting

Craft Beer Base


Beer Belly

Is craft beer for girls?

Craft Label tasting

Our final rankings of the beers we tasted during the show

Intro – Unitablist – “Tell Me Where You Want to Go – Remix”

Song of the show – Shakkazombie – “虹”


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